Lost Artist Co.

The Artists



Founder/Marketing/Business Director/Business Dev./Artist Dev./Artist/Web3 Implementation/Community Access Dev./Music Production/Artist Dev.

Kat Kartel


Founder/Branding/Marketing/Community Manager/ Community Access/Artist/ Publication



Founder/Branding/Marketing/Community Manager/ Community Access/Artist/ Publication



Music/In Real Life Music Artist/Music Producer/Artist/Web3 Guru/Web3's Favorite Star



Artist/Project Founder of House of Bandits/Community Access/ Community Manager/ Web3 OG






Graffiti Artist/Artist

Aerosol Kings





Founder/Marketing/Business Dev./Community Dev./Artist Dev./Music/ Publishing/Web3 Implementation/Community Access

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The Mission

The Lost Artist Collective is an innovative and exciting project that aims to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to give artists the recognition and financial compensation they deserve. It is not uncommon for artists to struggle to get the recognition they deserve, and this can make it difficult for them to make a living from their art. By using NFTs, the Lost Artist Collective is able to bake in royalties for each artist, ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their work.

The Idea

The idea of bridging the gap between different blockchains and communities is also an interesting one, as it allows artists from all different blockchain platforms to be recognized and represented within the Lost Artist Collective. This can help to create a more diverse and inclusive community for artists, and allow them to reach a wider audience.

The Works

We are in the Metaverse

We have a token Gated Private Gallery, and a Public Gallery as well.
Powered by OnCyber. Check us out?

Where we can hang out, and be a Collective.
(Full Access HOLDERS ONLY)
Where we can showcase the newest things that we have to offer.(Everyone)


How we do it?

The Lost Artist Collective only keeps small proceeds from the sale of NFTs, with the remaining going to the artist, is also a great way to ensure that artists are fairly compensated for their work. Additionally, the marketing and promotion of the artist, as well as the building of a community alongside the project, will likely be very beneficial for the artist's career. Overall, the Lost Artist Collective is a valuable resource for artists looking to get the recognition and financial compensation they deserve.

"Haunted Tricks" Kat's LAC Truck
LAC Presents: "Greetings From Miami" by: Bandit

Stay Safe?

We know it can be rough out here. We want to make sure that our community is safe.
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Lost Artist Submission Form


These are the most common questions and answers below.

The Lost Artist Collective is a collective of indie and professional artist that want to provide a platform for everyone in art, music, and web3 creatives to flourish. Coming together to develop a art house with innovative ideas for both holders, and artist alike to collab and to build together as well.

This is a exclusive NFT that allows holders of it to be involved in and see the creative process of the team, and artists as a whole. The holders also have insight on auctions, and sales from not only the LAC, but any artists that is in the LAC. Whitelist opportunities , access to in real life events,  Discord Holders Channel, Exclusive Twitter Group Chat,  with all existing artists, and holders alike. (Verified in Discord Channel) Link to Discord in the Title Bar under the Discord Logo. 

Another thing that is unique in the use cases that we explored were the idea of baked in utility for the artist themselves to imbue into the NFTs released. For example say Eligh is cool enough to allow anyone with a Eligh Exclusive to be able to see his shows for free. This type of utility can be shared on his own Discord with an exclusive role, and etc.  Thisis also based on a artist to artist scenario, and it's up to them as the artist. 

The Metaversal Gallery just serves as a public, and private hangout or stomping ground for the COLLECTIVE. This is a place where we can have all of the shows, and introduce art to the public in a more unique, and forward thinking approach, and we have partnered with OnCyber to deliver a first hand experience . 

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